A Teachable Moment

Former local teacher union pesident Morty Rosenfeld periodically attempts to make sense of the increasingly senseless world of public education.

Due Process and Proportionality

In my December 8th post, I expressed my discomfort at the inability of Democrats to distinguish between the misdeeds of Al Franken and Roy Moore. Zephyr Teachout has a piece in this morning’s New York Times that expresses the same concerns and which sketches out a mechanism for due process and proportional responses to inappropriate sexual conduct. She, too may not have all of the answers, she is attempting to lead Democrats to firmer ethical and political ground than our Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.
Teachout continues to be a sane political voice. It’s a pity she can’t seem to get elected to high public office. 2018 could be her year.

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Time for Teachers to Teach Andrew Cuomo a Lesson

The turnout will probably be very light on September 9, primary day in New York. With the pools showing Andrew Cuomo with a sizeable lead, even angry Democrats will be tempted to stay home. If they do, Cuomo will be even more full of himself than usual, and the process of rolling back the so-called education reform movement in New York will be that much more difficult.

I’m encouraged to believe that we will be able to suppress his numbers, however, if the union teachers in the state, a great many of whom are registered Democrats, practice what they teach and come out to vote. There may be a New York teacher supporting Cuomo, I’ve neither met not heard of him. Teachers know the damage Cuomo has done to public education in our state. They’ve heard him repeatedly lie about the quality of our schools, repeatedly telling the public that we are 38th in the nation, a number he made up and repeats like a mantra. They know he is totally responsible for the property tax cap that if not lifted will destroy quality public education in our state. They know his sanctimony well, having watched him inveigh against Albany corruption until some of his pals began to come under scrutiny. They know him for the empty windbag he is, a windbag with an eye on the Whitehouse. I suspect they will relish teaching him a lesson. If their public sector union colleagues are motivated by their anger to vote, Mr. Cuomo could get taken down a peg.

Between now and September 9, I will be talking to the teacher I know, asking them to support Zephyr Teachout for governor.

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