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March to the Polls

The TV talking heads appear convinced that the student-led march on Saturday and the events leading up to it signal a change in the direction in the gun control debate. Having injured my foot two days before the event, I was unable to attend any of the satellite demonstrations but did get to watch a good deal of it on the tube. Despite the extraordinary organization and the sincere eloquence of still innocent youth, I remain skeptical that any significant change is in the offering. The counter message to the demonstration was the absence of Congress from Washington, our representatives having gone home and our President away golfing as usual.

It is going to take a Democrat rout in the mid-term elections for us to have any real hope of coming to terms with the crazy gun policy of the United States. A very disturbing article in this morning’s New York Times suggests that such a rout may be more difficult than is currently imagined owing to extreme Republican gerrymandering. The challenge to progressives is to run an unsurpassed voter registration drives now, especially among the young, and a parallel voter turn-out operations for the fall.

If you are a high school teacher and your school does not have a voter registration drive as a senior activity, start one now. Any eighteen year old who leaves school unregistered to vote represents a significant failure of his school’s program. While we’re at it, let’s not forget that a handful of staff in most of our schools is not registered and more than a handful don’t bother to vote regularly. We need to be organizing school based campaigns to fix this problem too. The next great march has to be to the polls.

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