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Don’t Waste Energy and Resources

Progressives need to focus on winning and not on ideological purity. Campaigns like Cynthia Nixon’s challenge to Andrew Cuomo may activate the ideological purity receptors of some on the left, but in the end they lead to a waste of resources and, more importantly, bad feelings and low voter participation rates.

To be clear, I deeply dislike Andrew Cuomo, but as the incumbent governor with a huge campaign fund, he is more than likely to win. For all his faults, is he better than any republican being considered to run against him? Nixon is but one day into her campaign, and she is already asking whether Cuomo is a real Democrat. That’s the kind of question that got us President Trump. It’s the kind of infantile politics that has many Democrat congressional candidates running against Nancy Pelosi, a seasoned, successful, progressive legislator whose power and success curiously stirs opposition to her from members of her own party.

Our country’s institutions are challenged each day by a president and republic controlled congress that is hell-bent on erasing the New Deal from our history. At such a time we need to rally around Democrats of every stripe if we are to save this country as a fit place for working people to live and thrive. We can’t afford to waste energy and resources fighting among ourselves

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