A Teachable Moment

Former local teacher union pesident Morty Rosenfeld periodically attempts to make sense of the increasingly senseless world of public education.

Black Lives Matter and Public Education

In the racially charged Trump campaign, licensed surrogates like former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani and other like him have accused the Black Lives Matter movement as essentially racist. Very interestingly, even the more liberally oriented press has done a very poor job of elucidating what the movement stands for other than fair treatment by the police forces of our nation. It turns out they have interests other than the U. S. criminal injustice system They have ideas about public education, many of which are shared by the more progressive elements of our teacher unions and the Democratic Party. Their platform calls for increased and equitable funding of public schools, and end to charter schools, general opposition to the corporate school reform agenda, community control of schools, the removal of police from schools and an end to out of school suspensions which they see as contributing to the school to prison pipeline. While teacher unionists will have some differences with some planks in their platform, there is certainly a basis for a coalition around much of what we share with Black Lives Matter.

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