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Voting Republican – A Suicidal Act

News this morning that the Senate Republicans voted to block a vote on that portion of the Obama jobs plan that would help states retain teachers, firefighters and police from the layoffs they are experiencing throughout our nation, Their reason, stated by Leader McConnell is that the first such economic stimulus failed so why have another.

Today’s Republicans operate out of the belief that if you repeat a lie often enough it is transmuted in the public mind to a truth. The fact of the matter is the aid to the states in the first stimulus prevented the layoff of thousands of state and local workers, surely keeping the unemployment rate from being even higher that the current 9.1%. With that money exhausted over the two years of its existence, we are now seeing, if we choose to, just how much it did as states respond to the evaporation of that funding with layoffs.

The Republican economic plan is clear. Make the economy as bad as it can be. Drive up unemployment and precipitate the defeat of President Obama and the Senate Democrats up for re-election. They have a disciplined message from their national leaders down to their candidates for local tax collector, less regulation, more budget and tax cuts. The first opportunity to heap on them the contempt they so richly deserve comes this November in the local elections. We need to begin to kick these jerks out, from the towns and cities of this nation all the way to Washington D.C… We need to force the Republican Party to return to its roots. It no longer has any claim to be the Party of Lincoln. Voting Republican these days is tantamount to a suicidal act.

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